Dan LaRosa launches ‘Train Your Brain’ Workshops in CT

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hypnotist, Dan Larosa

Dan LaRosa is a hypnotist famous for his comedy shows which have seen him travel across America.  Now you can attend his ‘train your brain’ workshops to stop smoking, reduce stress and improve your life!

Packing out halls and theatres across the country, Dan LaRosa has performed in front of thousands with his hit comedy hypnosis show. Recognized as one of America’s funniest stage hypnotists, LaRosa has amazed audience members all over the world as he showcases the power of the human mind; While helping volunteers instantly break unwanted habits, eliminate fears, and totally outperform themselves.  One thing’s for sure, if you go to one of his shows, you’re guaranteed a good time!

But while some might recognize LaRosa from his entertainment shows, others might know him for a different reason.

More recently Dan LaRosa has turned his attention to changing lives with hypnosis. “Hypnosis can lead to some great comedy moments, but also has the ability to help people achieve any goal they set their mind to”.  Dan LaRosa has helped countless people stop smoking, reduce stress and lose weight with hypnosis.  Through his “train your brain” workshops and private sessions, he believes that hypnosis can help almost anyone to achieve their goals.

“Hypnosis is completely natural; it’s similar to being totally focused on a book or a film.  In this focused state a hypnotist can help the client to change their attitude towards anything from smoking to eating”.

If you’re fed up with dieting or all the expense of smoking, hypnosis could be the answer.  Dan LaRosa is a certified master hypnotist.  He runs regular ‘train your brain’ sessions at this workshop in Middletown, CT.  To find out about his latest events visit the website: www.danlarosa.com.

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